TipiPro — Initial training

This course is primarily for health, education and sports professionals, as well as company management. This course is also beneficial for all who wish to master our approach to help family and friends.

The TIPI Professional Training enables you to master the TIPI technique in order to help people in emotional difficulty. You will be able to resolve an emotional difficulty when a person is facing this difficulty in front of you, or “afterward” (retroactively), once a person is not actually feeling the emotion but wishes to permanently regulate an identified unwanted emotional pattern (phobia, anxiety, PTSD, inhibition, anger, depression, and simply all unwanted recurrent emotional reaction).

3 days – 10 participants

Before taking this Professional Training you must participate in a public formation.

During this training, after learning the technicality of the approach, several case studies will be presented and actual practice of the technique among participants will clarify how to practice the technique.

Total Cost: 540 € (including a 240 € deposit upon registration, cashed at the end of the training)
Discount for students: – 50%

A preliminary interview is required prior to the official registration.
Registration for training is effective upon reception of the deposit (a confirmation is sent by email).

After the Initial training, You will have the opportunity to take additional trainings to develop and master the TIPI technique at your convenience.

Next training:                            Lloret de Mar, 7-8-9/10/2016

Tipi Initial Training International Calendar


TipiPro — Development

Completing and mastering your practice.

The experiences of each participant will serve as a guideline to understand the approach from the client’s perspective. This module will allow us to review in detail all of the acquired knowledge and to develop specific points.

2 days – 10 participants

At least 1 month after the initial training

Total Cost: 360 € (including a 160 € deposit upon registration, cashed at the end of the training)
Discount for students: – 50%

The professionals that I’ve trained in Spain and who had reached this level, under Luc Nicon supervision  appear too at the directory to conduct TIPI sessions.

Tipi Development Training International Calendar


TipiPro — Certification

Validate your professional practice.
Each participant will lead an entire session with an actual patient of his/her choice. After each session and training, the trainer and classmates will give detailed feedback and comments on the work accomplished. They will highlight technical strength as well as the points that still need work and improvement. Doing so will deepen the participants understanding of the technique and allow the trainer to see the participants’ practice in real situations.

Witnessing their colleagues’ sessions will allow the participants to experience different situations, reflect and improve their own technical abilities.

2 days – 10 participants

At least 4 months after TipiPro — Development

After these 2 days the participants will be certified Tipi Specialists.

Total Cost: 360 € (including a 160 € deposit upon registration, cashed at the end of the training)
Discount for students: – 50%

Next training:   Lloret de Mar, 18-19/11/2016

Certification training International Calendar


TipiPro — Individual Training

Teaching individuals how to use the technique on themselves in complete autonomy during an emotion, and retroactively

At least 1 month after the TipiPro initial training

3 days – 10 participants

Total Cost: 540 €, cashed upon registration.

During these 3 days you will learn how to teach a client how to use TIPI in complete autonomy “in the moment” and “retroactively”.
Using role-playing and through their own real life situations, participants experience the pedagogy used by TIPI to allow anyone to do sessions by themselves, in complete autonomy.

Individual training Internacional Calendar


TipiPro — Supervision

In order to keep their certification valid, the participants must attend 1 day of supervision each year. During this day we will ensure that the specialist’s technique stays current.

1 day – 10 participants

“Supervision” days are regularly proposed to allow each trained TIPI professionals to validate the correct application of the technique. Part of the day might be dedicated to update the TIPI specialists on new technical improvements. Finally, these days are also an opportunity for friendly meetings between practitioners.

Supervision Internacional Calendar


TipiPro — On going Training

Through the interactive website restricted to the TIPI Professionals, each TIPI Specialist can access to the latest developments and updates concerning our approach (documents, audio recordings, videos)

Available anytime after the Initial training and included in its price.


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